Living in Space | InterPlanetary Panel

Living in Space | InterPlanetary Panel


Living in Space | InterPlanetary Panel Discussion

Friday, June 8, 11 am

Santa Fe Railyard, Main Stage


How different will our day to day be on another planet? Will it be on another planet or in a spaceship? What will we endure physically to live in space? Who says it will be any different than life on earth? Where can we live? What will we eat? Will it be comfortable or uncomfortable? What will the family unit look like in space? Will technology allow for easy communication? Will distance make communication difficult? What is the optimum number of humans for a colony? What architecture would provide optimal city performance? What’s the smallest functional human society in space? Pets? What becomes most important to bring along?

Featured Speakers include: Nina Lanza, Ashton Eaton, Haym Benaroya, and Brian Ferguson