Futurition Santa Fe is a month-long series of festivals and events that bring art, science and technology together to push the boundaries of human creativity and ingenuity, and inspire our vision for the future – transporting us to other worlds, in our own imaginations…and beyond.

With events and programs designed for every age, Futurition is anchored by the Currents New Media Festival, an exhibition of established and emerging artists from around the world who are using technology to redefine their work, and the Santa Fe Institute’s first annual InterPlanetary Festival, which will explore through a range of experiences and mediums the potential and possibility of forging an interplanetary civilization.

Futurition will be marked by open-air concerts, maker spaces and contests, lectures, panel discussions, film series, art walks, cosplay, gaming, interactive installations, multimedia performances, single channel video, animation, experimental documentary, web based/app art forms, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality environments, robotics and 3D printing.

Join us this June in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to experience Futurition, where the state of the future is now.

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